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Southwind RAS, LLC specializes in recycling residential tear-off asphalt shingles. By recycling shingles, Southwind RAS will divert thousands of cubic yards out of landfills and helps conserve the planet's limited resources. We provide roofing contractors, haulers and other recycling centers with an opportunity to recycle shingles; reducing their disposal fees and enhancing their public image.

Southwind RAS works directly with the end user, asphalt producers to advance the initiative of using reclaimed asphalt shingles in hot mix asphalt. Southwind RAS is proud to promote green initiatives in the industry to conserve landfill space, reduce carbon footprints, and replace virgin material though recycling.


» Save Money: By recycling roofing contractors can reduce their disposal cost compared to landfills. Hot mix asphalt producers can lower their mix cost by using the final processed product called RAS.

» Improved Pavement: Using RAS improves the quality of hot mix asphalt by:
Increased resistance to rutting
Enhanced stability of the mix
Reduced compaction efforts during paving

» Recycling Credits: Shingles are a large portion of the C&D waste system. Earn credit towards your recycling goals by supporting shingle recycling.

» Environment: RAS reduces landfill waste and conserves natural resources and virgin materials such as oil, sand and fiber.

» Contact Southwind RAS to learn more about shingle recycling and the use of (RAS) Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles.





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